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You have made your way to Rustic Boho where we love everything related to rustic, country and boho wedding, decorations and other celebrations. We also cover some aspects of interior design and do-it-yourself projects that will upgrade your home to a true and beautiful country lifestyle!

Rustic Weddings

Rustic country weddings are currently a favorite with many couples looking to get married. That true country charm and chic is easily achievable and doesn’t have to cost as much as other types of wedding celebrations. That means besides getting married in a friendly, cozy environment that is as romantic as any wedding could wish to be you’ll also be saving a lot of money.

Many aspects of a rustic wedding can be improvised by the wedding couple themselves or contributed by their family members. This type of wedding is a great way to engage your friends, siblings and parents to help with the decorations and ceremony or reception.

Since rustic country weddings are most often formal but intimate at the same time, they are fun and joyful to remember by both the newly weds and their guests. It’s not hard to see why so many couples opt for this style of wedding ceremony! Guests love to attend country weddings because of the relaxed atmosphere, the good food and the many beloved people they get together with. Wedding couples love rustic weddings because of their romantic glow and the stress free preparations.

In the following sections we will look at some important elements that can’t be missing from any proper rustic country wedding.

Wedding Invitations

Country wedding invitations are actually the first step to let your guests know what to expect from your upcoming wedding ceremony. As you can probably image from being invited to your relatives and friends’ weddings that you were invited to, your guests will need to know what kind a attire will be proper to wear and how your wedding day will be structured. The best way to let them know is by choosing country rustic invitations that capture the feel of what you are going for with your wedding ceremony.

Typically your invitations should state besides both of your names the time that the ceremony will take place, the location of your venue (possibly including an enclosure card with detailed instructions how to find your wedding venue so your guests won’t get lost and arrive late on your big day) and a note if there is a reception to follow the ceremony.

Common motifs for rustic wedding invitations that will let your guests prepare accordingly for the kind of wedding you have in mind are:

Mason Jars

Mason jars play a large part in country and rustic weddings. They add a charm and warmth that will be remembered by the wedding couple and the guests alike.

Depending on the time of the day and the season you have chosen for your wedding, mason jars can be painted or lefts clear and lit for a romantic and charming environment. If you wedding takes place around noon or the early afternoon, you will probably want to decorate with painted mason jars. Do have already chosen a color scheme for your wedding? If yo, great! Try to incorporate these colors into your design elements. Mason jars are very versatile and can be used for all kinds of stylish arrangements.

Mason jars can be used beautifully as a rustic equivalent of aisle markers, centerpieces, general aisle decor, drinking glasses or favors for your guests or the bridal party, as hanging decor or even as escort cards.

To paint these little multipurpose style miracles, use some good, old chalkboard paint as primer so that your colors will last. Once dried, you can start with the actual painting job. Try to enlist your bridesmaids, friends or family! I’m sure your loves ones will be glad to help and support you and you’ll have a lot of fun! To give the jars their colorful look, proceed with painting thin layers of paint, followed by a drying period.

Depending on the brand of paint and the particular color you picked, each jar may take several layers of paint to receive their final finish. Two to three layers of paint seems to be the average for me, let me know in the comments if you find a brand that works faster or needs less steps to receive a smooth finish.

Once you are finished applying one layer, just move ahead to the next jar, and I promise the time will fly by and some of your jars will have dried in the meantime as your are having fun and you can start with the next coat.

All mason jars, no matter if painted or clear, will look even more awesome with a nice selection of flowers. Baby’s breath is a a favorite that I see many brides chose for its beautiful and delicate quality.

For a late afternoon or evening wedding as well as any evening wedding reception you will want to take a look at lighting your mason jars with candles for an ultimately romantic evening flair.


Another motif that goes hand in hand with any beautiful country weddings is the sunflower. Sunflowers can be used in so many different ways for your rustic wedding, the possibilities are practically endless!

Sunflowers may be used as floral decorations for every detail you can think of, from boutonnières to bridal or bridesmaids’ bouquet, as an aisle marker, for rustic wedding centerpieces and so much more. Especially late summer or fall weddings lend themselves very well to be decorated with these wonderful flowers.

Grey and yellow make an amazing color scheme for any rustic country wedding, no matter the season. For a beautiful rustic or bohemian look combine sunflowers with other wildflowers such as delphinium for that special boho feel!

Sunflowers are combinable with many other style elements of country weddings, such as mason jars, cowboy boots and hay bales.

Burlap and Lace

Could you image a country wedding without the use of burlap and lace? I couldn’t! It’s just such a common and fundamental these to any rustic wedding celebration. No matter if you prefer a more woodsy outdoor wedding or a classic country wedding with hay bales, wagon wheels and cowboy boots, burlap and lace is always there to fall back on and make your decorations that much more country.

Burlap and lace not only looks great, but is also really easy to work with and cheap to buy, so you don’t have to hold back when working with these textiles. The combination of the two adds that special rustic chic with a fine traditional and formal look. Lace is especially popular in more vintage settings, so if you are going for this look, indulge in some lacy goodness.

Burlap and lace makes for an awesome looking table runner. Other ideas include the of these fabrics as aisle decoration, floral wraps (very beautiful in conjunction with baby’s breath), DIY garlands, wedding arch decoration and silverware wraps.

Old Tree

Getting married under an old tree or even in the forest is a current favorite with many brides that would love to have a rustic country wedding. I have been invited to quite a few of these in the recent years, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun and how romantic they have been! The ones I’ve been to were mostly in the Midwest, so you will have to image some cozy hay bales, a beautiful old tree in the shade of which we sat during the wedding ceremony and a lovely wedding reception at a nearby barn.

Trees get only more robust and beautiful as they age, and who wouldn’t agree with this metaphor for their married life? So why not get married under an old oak, or in a forest full of trees?

For the complete rustic feel, top this off with a sand ceremony or unity candle that signifies the joining of your hearts as part of the wedding ceremony, as well as a fun sparkler send-off for that epic ride into the sunset that your guest can participate in.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are an important ingredient in any country or western inspired wedding. The boots may be worn by the wedding couple, the bridal party or simply be used as a stylish decoration idea for a nice dose of western charm. Having your flower girl wear cowboy boots is also a cute idea for all of you cowgirls out there!

Cowboy boots lend themselves to all kinds of creative ideas for your wedding pictures, too, so be open to experiments, but taking shots with your garter belt wrapped around one of the boots or by using them as a makeshift vase for a bouquet of rustic wedding flowers, preferably sunflowers.

Remember to complete that western look with a healthy dose of horseshoes and cowboy hats!

String Lights

String lights are such a fundamental part of rustic weddings that’s difficult to imagine a wedding reception without them. No matter if you are going for a more western country theme, or rather a vintage or bohemian look, string lights will spectacularly upgrade any wedding event from memorable to unforgettable.

Since string lights literally only shine in the late afternoon to evening hours and into the night, they are best used for afternoon wedding ceremonies or simply if your wedding reception extends into the evening hours.

Finish off the night with a joyful sparkler send-off and you have all the ingredients to a wedding day you will never wish you had changed the slightest detail on.


Getting married in an old barn or at least having your wedding reception in one is a dream of many country brides. There are many different wedding venues out there, but none of them has the same charm as a rustic chic barn wedding.

Barns simply make great wedding spaces. The allow for breathtaking shots that will blow your guests’ mind. Besides being noticeably lighter on your budget when it comes to renting the venue and the catering barns also leave ton of room for decorating your wedding space according to your very personal wishes.

Barns work great for all kinds of rustic wedding themes, may the be country, western, vintage or bohemian (or a mix of any of these).